Don’t Watch This Without A Tissue Nearby – Homeless Dog Rescue

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This video features the story of Gideon, a homeless dog struggling to survive in a vacant lot. When the rescuers found him, he got scared and ran off to a nearby house. This was the house of the people who were feeding him. At first he was hesitant to eat the cheeseburger that the rescuers offered him but finally took a bite after much coaxing.

Gideon was then taken to the Animal Wellness Center in Los Angeles where they discovered that he suffered from highly contagious bacterial and fungal infections. He has to be quarantined for a couple of weeks while receiving treatment. After six weeks, Gideon was totally free from infections. When his body was completely healed, his joyous spirit was revealed. He absolutely loves cuddling!

Gideon was saved by Rescue from the Hart, a non-profit dog rescue organization. They share their stories regarding their rescue efforts via social media to inspire others to take action within their own communities.

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