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VIDEO: How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Certainly, dogs can have their teeth unbrushed throughout their lives. Perhaps they can just shun the idea of tooth brushing at first or may ward off any pet owner’s attempt to clean their teeth. After all, our canine pals tend to have fewer cavities than we humans do. However, this doesn’t exactly mean they are free from all dental problems.

Similar to humans, dogs can develop tartar and plaque buildup, yellow teeth, and gingivitis (i.e., gum inflammation). Those can leave our canine friends without a perfect smile for years. But brushing the teeth of dogs isn’t just to achieve a set of sparkling pearly white teeth. Or fresh breath at that! More importantly, we need to provide routine dental care for the overall well-being and health of our dogs.

Tooth brushing keeps food particles and bacteria at bay from depositing and accumulating along dog’s gum lines. It thus prevents the formation of tartar and the development of gum inflammation. When luck is really against your dog without regular oral care regimen, teeth are sometimes lost and severe pain is experienced. Such are very bad news for your dog, but things can even get worse. In few cases, bacterial infection spreads from the mouth, to the bloodstream, to vital organs such as the heart and liver, putting the precious life of your dog at Death’s mercy.

Dr. Mike Ontiveros of VetVid comprehensively discusses canine dental care in a video and highlights the necessity of daily brushing. Not only are the correct method and techniques of canine tooth brushing demonstrated, but also assessment points when checking your dog’s mouth are talked about.

You and your dog can make tooth brushing a pleasurable and fun grooming time. A number of busy people make their hectic schedule as an excuse, but brushing your dog’s teeth shouldn’t be a chore.

Learn from this simple video and enjoy brushing your pet’s teeth!

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth
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VIDEO: How To Take Care Of A Puppy (Bringing A Puppy Home)

Once you have laid down your eyes on a puppy so endearing it melts your heart, sometimes it becomes so difficult to resist the urge of bringing it home. Call it impulsive, but there are just adorable puppies on this world that can captivate any man’s or woman’s heart. But being a pet owner requires a great deal of responsibility and strong commitment to raise a healthy and happy pup. You know the saying: “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.” Are you really in a position to provide everything needed by your pet for their entire lifetime?

One needs to do his or her homework first before picking up a dog. Although keeping a puppy in one’s household is exciting and delightful, there are times when it becomes challenging. Reading beforehand regarding various dog breeds, temperament and behavior, supplies, training, and common illnesses, among others, proves to be a helpful means of getting yourself primed for the dog that is soon to be yours.

More than anything, you should have already purchased all required items, food, and toys on your dog supply list before a dog can land its paws on your household. Your house or yard and especially your family should have been readied too. Remember that it can be very stressful for a pup to be in a new and quite different environment devoid of its littermates or mother. Sufficient preparation will ensure that your journey with your dog will be as fun, enjoyable, and productive as what you have imagined it to be.

Kathy Santo, a professional dog trainer, succinctly shares some pointers regarding bringing a puppy home through this video below by HowdiniGuru. She covers the basic stuff, from supplies, preparations, to steps on introducing the puppy to the family, keeping your home “puppy-proof,” and letting your pet adjust to its new home.

She also lists down the what-to-have items to prepare before your new dog’s arrival: premium puppy food, stainless steel food and water bowls, ID tags, collar and leash, dog grooming tools, toys, treats, and so on.

How to Take Care of a Puppy Bringing a Puppy Home
VIDEO: How to Take Care of a Puppy
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How To Make Your Own Dog First Aid Kit

How To Make Your Own Dog First Aid Kit
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We just found an amazing page packed with information and had to share the link with our readers. I really think this is a great page and would suggest to print it out, so that you can keep the info in your pet’s first aid kit – as it also contains not only the checklist of items for the kit, but also an amazing database of what to do after certain incidents occur.

This is super information and might even save the life of your beloved pet one day, so it’s really worth taking the time to study.

One thing I will say – this is a very full kit with a lot of items in it. It might be ‘too much’ for some people and almost seems like a full professional’s medical kit. However, for many of the items and explanation is given as to why they are included – and even that info is worth studying as it covers a lot of bases and things that you might not have thought of.

There is also a section of links at the end with a ton of further resources – including everything from which plants are poisonous to pets, through to pet CPR and even safer alternatives to toxic household products. It’s really a masterful page all about pet health and full of value.

Ok, here is the link to the full tutorial:

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