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VIDEO: Pug Falls Asleep Standing Up – Hilarious!!

This video from Racadox is hilarious and totally worth hanging in there to see the astonishing ending. Guaranteed laughs! 😀

When a Pug is serious about his duty to watch out for exciting things to happen, he should definitely fight off the sandman… I guess. Sleeping upright to not miss anything is hard, and most of the time drowsiness wins the fight and knocks even the most energetic dog when it hits. Dexter, a cross between a pug and a Chihuahua, shows us in a video his first-hand experience of falling asleep upright. He may not snore as loud as other dogs (according to his owner), but try as he might to stay awake, there’s just no way he can he resist the urge to close those eyes and fall asleep. Hilarious how this sleepyhead tries nonetheless!

On average, your pug can sleep for an amazing 14 hours daily. Yes, you got that right. 14 hours, and there’s nothing wrong with that – if with a decent amount of regular exercise of course. The majority of pug owners are already aware of this and have accepted it unconditionally, but for the would-be pug enthusiasts, here’s a bit of friendly warning: pugs tend to snore very loudly when asleep throughout the night. This comes as a consequence of them being “brachycephalic,” or short-nosed, dogs. For some, this is one aspect of pugs that make them all the more adorable. For others, it’s like having a roommate with a bothersome talent for sawing logs. Snoring may not be a health issue to be concerned about. However, when it gets very excessive, your pug should be brought to your vet to let it undergo a series of examinations that would rule out an elongated palate or stenotic nares (or pinched nostrils). When a pug’s soft palate becomes abnormally elongated and blocks a part of the dog’s airway opening, pugs gasp for breath while at complete rest. Surgery is recommended to shorten the palate and correct this breathing problem.

VIDEO- Pug Falls Asleep Standing Up - Hilarious
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VIDEO: Bentley The Bulldog Puppy (Cute!)

Tenacity. Toughness. Loyalty and determination. Badass attitude. A face that the crowd adores. Such are the distinctive traits of a 40–60-pound, wrinkled-faced, thickset dog that nailed down its popularity as the well-known mascot of universities such as Yale University and the University of Georgia and of the United States Marine Corps. Any guesses what that dog breed is?

The answer: the Bulldog, a breed that can never be mistaken for any other! This medium-sized sturdy dog sports a massive short-muzzled head, dense wrinkles in the forehead, and sleek coat. It carries its imposing body with its stocky limbs and has a characteristic gait described by many as a “loose-jointed, shuffling, sideways roll.”

Probably due to its history tainted with blood from bullbaiting and TV cartoons depicting it as unruly, the bulldog has a ferocious reputation that precedes it. This isn’t exactly true, as in reality bulldogs have an affectionate, protective, and friendly disposition. They are more of a lover now than a fighter, so to say. Waddling in a dignified manner around the household with that muscular body, the bulldog appreciates attention from their owners and can be a devoted family member. It is a first-rate candidate for being a courageous watchdog too, although their stubbornness can sometimes be an issue.

Check out the video below from BarhamGabe of a bulldog puppy charmingly trying to live up to his breed’s reputation. Yup, he hits 10 in the cuteness scale, but this dog means business. He barks and “grrr…” like he’s a big, intimidating guy. But no-one’s buying it – and he knows it. He’s just a softie and he’s going to have to deal with it, as anyone would prefer hugging him now more than ever. But just when it seems he has already raised the white flag to his female owner with all that whimpering, he strikes out again with another round of “grrr…” and barking. Now that’s both cute and clever!

VIDEO- Bentley the Bulldog Puppy (Cute!)
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VIDEO: Dog And Crow Playing Ball

Crows are among the members of the bird kingdom that can effectively nullify the mistaken belief that being a “bird brain” is such a bad thing. Truth be told, crows are an epitome of intelligence that even rivals that of primates.

One of the interesting things about crows is that they have adapted remarkably well to living alongside humans. They pay close attention to how the human world works and adopt new skills to deal with the “unnatural” human environment.

Crows pass avian IQ tests with “flying” colors and are masters of not only tool use but also tool construction. They have learned that it is best to hide and stock food across seasons and to use their experience to their advantage. Several studies have demonstrated – amazingly – that crows can distinguish individual humans through our facial features!

Here is a charming and entertaining YouTube video by MASSEUR1956 of a German shepherd, a crow, and the dog’s owner having a friendly game of Ping-Pong ball. The results are delightful. Who would have guessed a bird could do well in a ball game against a dog of far greater size? But as they say, big things can come in small packages – in this case black plumage too! Check out how this black bird charges at the dog to try to take back the ball.

Just to provide a brief background, the crow was found orphaned in the woods when it was still young and was raised until it was able to fly and take care of itself. Raising a baby crow – well, baby birds in general – entails a lot of work and commitment. You can just imagine the number of times a day you need to feed a baby crow and push down the food to its throat for the entire period of its dependence.

Dog And Crow Playing Ball
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