Dog Breeds 101: Komondor

Dog Breeds 101 – Komondor
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The Komodor, also known as the Hungarian Sheepdog, is an established livestock guardian. It is calm and steady when everything is peaceful but once there is trouble, it will quickly jump into action. It is often referred to as a “mop dog” due to its long, corded coat. The Komodor’s thick coat acts as an armor against predators and also protects the dog from the elements while tending to the flocks. All dogs of this breed are born with a coat with soft curls but when they reach the age of 8 to 12 months, the cords will begin to show up. As a pet, the Komodor is affectionate with its family but can be shy around strangers. Given its size and strength, the lack of obedience training will result to dangers inside the house. [1] [2]

This is a large breed that can grow up to 27.5 inches tall at the withers and can weigh over 100 pounds. The Komodor’s average life span is 10 to 12 years and is not known to be prone to any major health issues. [2]

The dogs were brought to Hungary by the Cumans (Turkic speaking nomads) during the 12th and 13th century. When the Mongols began to expand their territories, the Cumans were forced out of their lands and moved west and they eventually settled in the borders of Hungary with their dogs. The breed’s name is derived from Koman-dor which means “Cuman dog”. The breed developed over time with little influence from other dog breeds. In the 1930s, a couple of Komodors were imported to the United States and soon gained recognition from the American Kennel Club. They were used in World War II but became rare after the war. Through the efforts of Hungarian breeders, the breed regained its numbers. Today, they are very common in Hungary. [1] [3]

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