Dog Tricks – How To Teach Your Dog To Limp

This video outlines the steps of teaching your dog how to limp on a cue using a clicker and without physical manipulation. According to the video’s creator, this trick is one of the hardest so patience is important when doing this activity with your dog. Teaching this trick can be frustrating at times, but constant repetition and reinforcements such as treats can lessen the load of doing it.

The video stresses that doing this trick requires the dog to know the cue ‘shake’ or paw targeting. Here are the steps to train your dog on how to do the limping movement.

1. Use a prop or your hand to teach your dog to get the hang of offering him paw while you stand next to him. Give him a treat if he manages to do the first step.
2. Your hand should be maintained vertically to let your dog be in contact with you by lifting his paw. Train your dog not to let his paw rest in your hand or the prop. Repeat this routine until your dog is comfortable doing it.
3. The dog should be guided on how to lean forwards. Move your target hand forwards ever so slowly. If he has able to lean forwards, click or say ‘yes’. Again, another treat for every small achievement.

Consistency is very important when doing this activity. It is very hard to teach your dog to limp on command, so again, patience is much needed. Varying reward or treat is also recommended.

Some dogs can master this trick easily while others may take some time to understand what they need to do. Having a smart dog does not make it easy to get this trick. Persistence is much needed.

This advanced trick is sure to impress dog owners. Your dog increases his learning skills by exposing them to new tricks. Some tricks may take up to several weeks to master. You can watch other videos to get some tips and hints.

Dog Tricks - How To Teach Your Dog To Limp
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