Dog Breeds 101: Affenpinscher

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The Affenpinscher (also known as the “Monkey Dog”) is a small but feisty dog known for their endless supply of energy. Owners of these dogs say that they have a clown-like charm and a bold nature. They are known to be highly intelligent so it’s no surprise that they learn tricks and commands quickly and adjust to change without any problems. Affens are admired for their sensitivity and gentleness. Many would say that they are big dogs contained in small bodies. [1]

The breed originated in Germany and is said to date back to the seventeenth century but they were bred to be larger back then. They were made to become ratters, working to remove rodents from kitchens and stables. [2] Affenpinschers were developed in Munich but they were popular all over Germany. In 1902, the Berlin Lapdog Club began to formulate a standard but it wasn’t finalized until 1913. This is still the standard used by the American Kennel Club today. Today, the Affenpinscher is a very rare breed. [1]

The Affenpinscher has a shaggy, wiry coat that is longer on the face compared to the rest of the body giving them a unique look. Usually, the coat color is black or dark gray but the dogs can also come in lighter gray, silver, red or black and tan. They are somewhat smaller compared to other working terriers but they are far from delicate. [3]

As pets, the Affenpinscher likes to dash around the house to check out new sights, scents, and sounds. They get along well with other family pets especially when raised with them but they are highly suspicious of strangers. Affenpinschers are known to make a lot of noise if ever they see someone (or something) invading their space. This characteristic makes them effective watchdogs. They are also known to tremble when they become overexcited. These dogs should not be spoiled in any way especially since they are so bright. [4]

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