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Yorkshire Terriers are small-sized canines that are widely considered as one of the most popular breeds today. Often referred to by its nickname “Yorkie,” the breed originates, as one might expect, from Yorkshire, England. This breed was mainly used for rat baiting in the 19th century. [1]

Yorkie experts usually put great importance on the texture, color, and quality of the breed’s coat. The adults normally have straight, glossy, fine, and silky coats that are cream, black, light brown, silver or blue. This Terrier does not mature until year three or four, and a prize winning puppy may be entirely unfit for showing when matured. [2]

Despite their relatively small size, Yorkshire Terriers are known to be very active and curious. They love getting as much attention as they can from their owners and are considered to be protective animals. The Yorkie needs adequate playtime and does not like being left alone for extended periods of time.

Yorkshire Terriers tend to believe they are larger than they actually are. Therefore, picking fights against larger dogs is not uncommon. It is often suggested that the owner enroll them in obedience and socialization classes to prevent dog fights at home or outside.

However, it is worth noting that Yorkshire Terriers are not well-suited for homes with children. [3] Afterall, they are still Terriers! However, they may do well in families with children over the age of eight. They can be very affectionate toward their owners and families. On the other hand, they may be suspicious of strangers, and become aggressive toward unfamiliar animals.

Yorkshire Terriers are considered to be brilliant watchdogs, although their barking may be at something entirely harmless! But of course, excessive barking can still be addressed with adequate exercise and proper training.

Since they were originally bred as working dogs, you can expect this breed to require physical activity and mental stimulation regularly. Daily walking is required to avoid undesirable behavior. Nonetheless, they may still do well in apartments without a yard. It is also noted that the breed prefers warm climates, because they are sensitive to the cold.

This terrier’s coat can require a lot of maintenance. Their coats should be brushed daily and trimmed every few months. [4] For easier maintenance, owners may choose to clip their pet’s coat short.

Yorkshire Terriers normally live 15 years on average. [5]





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