Dog Training Tutorial Off-leash (Send-Off)

We know that one of the most challenging tasks of a dog owner is how to train your dog how to become more reliable even around distractions.

To help you deal with this challenge, we’ve found a very useful video entitled Clicker Training Tutorial: Off-leash Send-Offs.

In this video the trainer enumerated the steps that are necessary in preparing your dog to become calm and focused on you when you are around distractions. Tab289 concentrated on a single exercise which is teaching a dog to stand on an object. This certain exercise has a lot of different applications which tab289 aims to discuss in his future videos.

This video shows the foundation on teaching this behavior from scratch. Here are the steps shown in the video:

Step 1: Building the behavior

Step 2: Raising the bar

Step 3: Bonus exercise

Step 4: Introduce multiple contacts

You will also get lots of tips on how to go about each step and become successful in training your dog how to behave well even if there are distractions around.

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