How To Make Homemade Treats For Your Pet Dog

Homemade Treats For Your Pet Dog
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Treats are special types of dog food ideally used to provide positive reinforcement” of good behavior during training. We found a great page with three super for home-made dog treats – “Peanut butter and honey crunchies”, “Cinnamon chicken treats” and “Beefy doggie cookies”. Ahh, a dog’s life eh? 🙂 The link follows after our commentary.

Let’s admit it: Despite our best intentions to feed our pets on only the best quality foods, there are just times when it’s hard to resist indulging our darling dogs in some treats. Our dog is our best friend that keeps our spirits high, our exercise pal during our runs around the park, and, for some, their warm, huggable sleeping buddy. Inasmuch as our canine companions cheer us and offer unconditional friendship, we owners would want to return at least what they’ve given. And in a few instances, “returning the favor” means keeping a supply of tasty treats for the dog.

It’s worth bearing in mind first of all that a dog’s dietary requirements are not the same as our own. And – importantly – there are some “human foods” that are not safe or healthy for dogs to consume… see our list here:

The next thing to consider is that all store-bought treats are not created equal and some may be sub-standard. Always consider the nutritional value of what you’re feeding to your dog. Treats now come in a variety of forms, packages, and flavors. From chicken chips, to bacon and cheese-flavored strips, to crunchy biscuits, garlic and liver treats… the selection may be endless after all. But read the ingredient label as you shop. If there’s something you can’t even correctly pronounce among the ingredients, it might be a good idea to research.

In previous times, dog treats were more simple and “closer to nature” than those of today – originally made of simple veggies, meat, and wheat meals. If you are confident about your skills with the oven, why not bake for your beloved dogs? It’s fun and easy. Here are some splendid dog treat recipes you might want to try:

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