How To Teach Your Dog To Fetch Drinks From The Fridge

This advanced training may take up several weeks for the dog to learn successfully. You should mentally prepare yourself to have patience when it comes to teaching this trick to your dog. Timing and consistency are important to get the same results as shown in the video.

The first step of training your dog to fetch drinks from the fridge is teaching her to hold objects. Use a clicker to mark this behavior and reward the dog when she holds the object even if it’s for seconds only. Gradually increase the time the dog holds the object and reward her every time she does it correctly. Accelerate the training by teaching her to pick up objects from the floor. Consistently use a clicker and reward. Next is to increase the distance between the object and your dog. Use a variety of objects in this step.

The second step is training the dog to pull the rope. This step is for opening the fridge. Use a clicker every time you signal the dog to pull the rope from you. Reward for every small step she does correctly. Accelerate the training by tying the rope to a drawer, cabinet, or a door. Teach the dog to open it. Consistently click and reward the dog. Then train to close it.

The next step is to train open and retrieve. You can start small by preparing a small box with a rope tied on it to open and close. Put an object to inside for the dog to retrieve. Click to mark this and reward once done successfully.

Combine the steps altogether and consistently do this for several weeks until the dog successfully does this behavior correctly.

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