How To Train A Puppy Not To Bite

It is common for new puppies to have the habit of biting. This behavior may be just an act of play for them, but it can be annoying if it becomes too much – especially as when small, the dog may have sharp little teeth! In this video, Zak George teaches us how to train a puppy not to bite.

Zak says to be prepared to address the play biting of your dog. One way is to play with him using a toy. The other one is playing with him using food. It is important to associate calm and positive behavior with the dog – for example touching the dog’s chin or petting him. Reward the dog every time he responds without biting. You will know that you’ve been successful when the dog is licking instead of biting.

One activity to address biting is by playing tug of war. Let the dog play-bite with a toy and ask him to let go or stop biting. Once the dog stops, reward him. If he doesn’t stop, then let him have a fun game try to pet him, and ask again to stop. Be patient with your dog.

You can accelerate your training by carrying and petting your dog. Once he stops biting, you can reward him with food. You can also reward the dog even when he licks. There will be times that the dog will be aggressive and wants to play-bite, you may want to let the dog relax a little bit and not restraint him that much.

When you have other people in your house, you can keep the dog on a leash to avoid them causing trouble with the people around. In this way, the dog can be controlled for a particular time.

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