Shiba Puppy Is Nervous Of Swimming

This video shows a Shiba puppy on the edge of a mini-pool looking quite excited (or nervous) for swimming time. The puppy seems curious of the water but it seems to have no plans of taking a dip or diving into the mini-pool.

The dog breed featured in this video is a Shiba Inu puppy, a Japanese dog breed. They like having their humans around, in the general vicinity. However, they are aloof like cats, and do not need or want human affection, much of the time. Shiba Inus can learn many dog obedience commands, and they can learn them very quickly. But they can be really stubborn sometimes.

When training a Shiba, it is best to work with their innate personality and use training that motivates them in the right direction. Passive resistance and reward obedience training work best for this breed. Equipment in a Shiba’s home should include an exercise pen and a dog crate, for the breed will take liberties when their owner is not around. They will want to sleep in your bed, sit on your sofa, and sample your dinner if allowed to do so. Although small, Shibas definitely need a firm hand so if you can’t deal with mischief and stubbornness, this breed is not suited for you. But despite that, they are extremely loyal to family members.

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