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Addicted to Golden Retrievers? Watch this video and you’ll get your fix. Here you’ll see a bunch of Golden Retriever puppies playing around and just being too adorable.

Ever wondered how this awesome breed came about? For decades, the exact origins of the Golden Retriever breed were disputed. Many claimed that the Goldens were descended from Russian sheepdogs bought from a circus. In 1952, the journal of Sir Dudley Majoribanks, also known as Lord Tweedmouth, was published and it contains the breeding history of Golden Retrievers. It turns out that the dogs were bred in Scotland from 1840 to 1890.

The hunting of wildfowl was highly popular among wealthy Scottish Gentry at the time but the existing retriever breeds lacked the necessary skills for retrieving downed game from both water and land. Having a dog that can retrieve game from both land and water was important because hunting grounds at that time were very marshy and peppered with ponds, streams and rivers.

In the middle 1860s, Tweedmouth acquired a yellow wavy-coated retriever named Nous. He took the dog home and bred him with a Tweed Water Spaniel (now extinct) named Belle. Tweed Water Spaniels were known for being good retrievers in the hunting field especially in water and exceptionally calm and loyal in the home. These characteristics are found in today’s Goldens. The two produced four yellow puppies that formed the basis of the breed.

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So Many Golden Retriever Puppies! (Cute Compilation) - Puppy Love
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