When The Dog Stays At Home Alone (Video)

This video is very entertaining and amusing. It features a Pit Bull dog entering a bedroom and a cat sitting on the bed. There was a caption at the beginning of the video that says the dog is not allowed on the bed and that the owner has placed a camera to check what happens when the dog is home alone.

As the dog enters the room he seems to be inspecting the surroundings first. He then goes up the bed and starts to roll around and rub his head on the bed in a hilarious way. This is where the fun and laughter begins because his actions seem to be in perfect timing with the background music, a western song that is usually played on cowboy movies.

The cat, which has been on the bed the whole time, was just looking at the dog. The Pit Bull is evidently enjoying what it’s doing at the moment, hopping and then lying on the bed and kicking his feet in the air.

After a while he stops and stares at the cat as if they are reading each other’s mind. The cat seems to warn him to behave while the Pit Bull seems to show the “for all I care” behavior.

At the end of the video, the dog is seen leaning against the edge of the bed, looking out of the window, as if inspecting if the owner has already arrived.

This video has become very popular and has earned millions of views because the dog was not only entertaining but it also manifested a wise yet playful attitude.

Of course, the background music also helped a lot to add more appeal to the dog’s funny antics.

The interaction between dog and cat was also priceless, as if they are behaving like two humans, with the cat berating the dog like an elder.

image © http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7D5bPLxU8U8

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