10 Different Dog Barks And What They Mean

10 Different Dog Barks And What They Mean - WP
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Did you know that dogs bark in a variety of different ways, depending on the situation and on what they are attempting to communicate? There’s actually a subtle form of “language” at work with the different types and sequences of barks that a dog gives.

But what do the various barks mean? This could be really useful information even if you are not a dog owner, because it can help you find out if a dog is friendly, lonely, playful or giving a warning!

We just found a great list of 10 Different Dog Barks And What They Mean and thought it was really interesting. The “translations” of the dog barks will really help you get an insight into the way the dog’s mind works. It is a great lesson in “dog psychology”.

Here’s a quick additional question for for – one of our dogs has started this strange behavior lately of “running around the yard barking at nothing”. She is getting very old and quite deaf, but we wonder if this is a sign of “dog senility”. She seems confused… is she seeing things that aren’t there? What do you think?

Ok, here is the link to the full original list: https://www.petsafe.net/learn/10-translated-barks-know-what-your-dog-is-saying

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