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We found an interesting list of natural remedies for canine eye infections! The link follows after our commentary.

Eye infections are common among dogs. With a lifestyle that involves sticking their faces into burrows or lodging on a carpet of grasses or soil loaded with bacteria or irritants that can get in the eye, it’s no surprise that dogs with eye problems are frequent clients of vets.

Though common, most eye infections are nothing to be greatly alarmed about. But they can potentially be distressing or traumatic in nature – such that they warrant urgent medical attention to prevent blindness or, worse, loss of an eye. The majority of eye infections in dogs manifest inflammation. Your dog may also present an increased sensitivity to light and loss of appetite.

Every pet owner in short should be on alert for sudden or alarming changes in your dogs. For instance, a puppy rubbing his head along the sofa to somewhat scratch his red, irritated eye is an obvious “bring me to my vet” message for you. Seeing your dog persistently pawing at his eyes is an indicator that he/she may have an eye infection. So are rusty streaks under your dog’s eyes, swollen eyelids, and greenish yellow discharge from an eye.

Some pets have a knack for being magnets of recurrent eye infections. In these cases, homeopathic, herbal, and natural interventions and preventives have been reported to be a big help. Not only are these natural measures typically cheap and easy to prepare in your homes, but some testimonials regarding their effectiveness exist. Some natural remedies and their use have even garnered the support of the scientific community because of numerous studies that indicated their effectiveness and safety on dogs. Chris Onyett, a blogger on dog health, generously shares his list of home remedies for canine eye infection: http://trupanion.com/blog/2013/02/curing-your-dogs-eye-infection-with-home-remedies/

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