3 Easy Things To Teach Your New Puppy

Isn’t it exciting to meet your new puppy? There are a lot of things you want to do with them. But first, let your dog adjust to his new environment with you. One of the first steps you should do is to start bonding with your new puppy. In the video, animal trainer Zak George shows three easy things to teach a new puppy in the house.

One of the basics is teaching a dog to respond to their name. You have to get the attention of your dog by making a sound while calling their name. You can reward them once they respond to their name. You can try other things to practice this.

Another thing you want to teach your new dog is how to sit. Instinctively, dogs know how to sit wherever they want. But the idea here is to get your dog to sit when you tell him to. You can give him a treat, keep it as close to his nose as possible while moving up then slowly back down. Then introduce the word “sit” to him as he sits. This may take several sessions of practice, depending on the dog, but it’s going to be worthwhile.

Another easy thing to teach your new dog is how to lie down. Just like teaching your dog to sit, use a treat to get his attention throughout the activity. Keep the treat as close to his nose while slowly moving it down until he lies down.

Zak George reminds us not to be impatient when you are introducing a new activity or behavior to your new dog. These things may take a few days before the dog masters the new skill.

3 Easy Things To Teach Your New Puppy - WP
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