Dog Training Tutorial – Back Up

The dog trainer in this video teaches us how to do the “back up” trick to your dog. He reminds us that the secret to every successful trick is to break it up into steps.

The first step is to back up. The dog trainer suggests to use a small, enclosed area when doing or practicing this step. In this way, it is easier to trick the dog to back up. Give the dog a reward for every step backward that he makes. You can increase the steps backward and give a reward every time. Introduce the cue “back up” while luring the dog to step back with the reward. Once successful, you can remove the treat while saying the cue “back up”.

Then, practice your dog to do the back up trick in other places. You can practice it in larger spaces such as your living room or an even wider area like your front lawn.

The next step is to do the turn. In this step, you have to teach your dog to do a 180-degree turn away from you. There are some dogs that may be hesitant to do this step, so it’s important to give the dog a reward even for simply ‘following the treat’. Do this trick slowly until you reach the full 180-degree turn. Once successful in this step, you can remove the treat lure.

The final step is to combine the steps to do the back-up trick. It’s important that you give a small reward in the form of treat or food for every step that is accomplished by your dog.

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