Bulldog Tries To Sit In A Box That’s Too Small For Him

The dog in this hilarious video is trying his best to fit inside a small box. One can see that this dog was really intent on sitting inside the box that was not big enough to accommodate him. What he did was he tried to nibble on the side of the box hoping that it will grow bigger for him to fit. After a while, the dog slowly stood up from the box utterly defeated. Aww, poor thing! Still looks really cute though.

Bulldogs are known to be very stubborn and they can be challenging to train because of this. Food and positive reinforcement are the only two methods that should ever be employed with this breed, as a heavy hand will get you nowhere. Be careful though; this breed has a tendency for gaining weight easily. Closely monitor his food intake and provide daily walks to keep him in shape if you don’t want to lose him in folds of wrinkled skin and fat.

Employ gentle, positive training techniques. Despite movies depicting bulldogs as ferocious beings, in reality they’re actually sensitive fellows. Keep your training sessions brief; 10 minutes at a maximum. Short and fun sessions will keep his interest alive and motivation in high gear. Remember to be extra patient and understanding when training with this breed.

Bulldog Tries To Sit In A Box That's Too Small For Himimage © http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8yN5fivBt8

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