Jealous Dog Demands More Attention

This video features Holly, a Husky and German Shepherd crossbreed, who becomes green with envy every time her owner begins to pet the Siberian Husky, Titan. Holly needs to learn how to share the love!

Research think that dogs are not capable of feeling guilt (I’m not sure I agree!), but accept that they do experience jealousy and possessiveness. It may be ego-gratifying to think that your dog wants your undivided attention but it can interfere with your relationships and can even result to aggression towards other dogs or humans. It’s a behavior that all dog owners should discourage at the earliest opportunity.

Basic obedience training is a must. Telling your dog to sit, stay or lay can prevent a bunch of commotion and jealousy when other people or animals come near you. Don’t yell at or physically discipline your dog if it becomes jealous. If it barks when you are with another dog, wait until it’s calm and then reward with it treats. The idea here is to make your dog understand that it will get the attention it wants but only if it behaves correctly. Rewarding correct behavior as opposed to punishing bad behavior is known as “positive reinforcement” and is now accepted to be a better training strategy for animals.

If your dog still rushes for your attention regardless of being told to sit or stay, it might be time to separate it from the other dog throughout the day to give special attention to each one individually. Over time, slowly decrease the space between the dogs. If you are not seeing any signs of aggression or fear from both of them then everything is going well. But if you feel that one dog feels anxious or hostile, go back to separating them and repeat the process for as long as it takes.

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