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15 Worst Dog Breeds For New Owners

15 Worst Dog Breeds for New Owners
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Although few will admit it, most first-time dog owners don’t know how to handle dogs. Of course when it’s your first time at anything, you could be forgiven for your lack of knowledge. But this is one subject in which many people are unaware that they may be even doing something wrong. It’s better to know which breeds are best and “least difficult” for new owners.

There are 339 breeds of dogs worldwide, which are recognized by World Canine Organization, to choose from! Dogs that look like cuddly teddy-bears with long, thick hair or fur seem attractive, indeed, but fluffiness or other handsome traits are not necessarily an indicator of personality. Some of them aren’t as easy to train as they look.

We found an article from Vetstreet that presents the 15 worst dog breeds for new pet owners according to veterinary experts. (The link to the original is at the end of our introduction). Since new owners are not that experienced yet in handling dogs, which means that they don’t have much knowledge regarding animal training, handling, petting and taming, it is encouraged not to choose the 15 dog breeds featured in the article.

Some dogs have certain innate traits that make them easier or more difficult to handle. There are dogs that never seem to “run out of batteries” and want constant physical activity. On the other hand, there are also those dogs that are contented with eating, playing and sleeping all day long. Some dogs have more energy than others and they want their energy to be spent on something, otherwise they will throw tantrums in varying degrees of severity. They do know how to seek attention when they want it and if you’re not ready to give him that much just yet, it’s probably best to settle for a more homely dog.

The subject of whether you have another pet at home, like a cat for instance, is something that should be considered too. Not all dogs are friendly to cats, and training them to play nicely together is often do-able but takes some skill. Some dogs even have predatory instincts so if you don’t want your house to turn into massive chaos, better think twice before purchasing a more difficult animal.

Ok, here is the original article listing the 15 breeds:

11 Dog Breeds You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

11 Dog Breeds You’ve Probably Never Heard Of
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We discovered a fascinating article about 11 rare breeds of dog most people are not aware of. The link is after our introduction.

Over the past centuries, humans have relied on dogs to perform a wide array of functions, such as guarding livestock, hunting and tracking game, or simply warning off thieves and highly suspicious strangers from one’s property. For instance, German shepherd and Labrador Retriever are breeds that have assisted their owners as working dogs, whereas Greyhound, spaniel, and mastiff accompanied upper-class men years ago in hunting. Of course, we all love these dog breeds now as our trustworthy companions and pets.

From the cutest Chihuahua a lady can handily carry in her purse to the powerful, well-muscled St. Bernard dogs that are the heroes of travelers stuck and helpless in snowstorms, the dog kingdom is not even close to being short in variety. Dogs come in a diverse range of size, shape, temperament, and behavior. From the various dog breeds that exist across all nations, no two dogs are alike, each being unique in form, personality, or habits.

But it may be a surprise to you that although there seems to be an explosion of dog breeds, all breeds belong to a single species that evolved from the gray wolf of Central Asia. Being part of the same lineage and having been domesticated thousands of years back, dogs of different breeds today were developed and deliberately “selected” for better, more usable, and more preferred traits, such as docile disposition, adorable appearance, and muscular or agile bodies.

To put it simply, traits from two or more dogs are selected and combined to create a new, specialized breed to suit the work or purpose the dog was bred for. To date, any prospective dog owner will find himself astounded (and maybe overwhelmed) by the number of breeds. New crossbred “designer dogs” such as poogles and puggles are also increasing the number of breeds.

Here’s the article on 11 fascinating dog breeds that quite a few of us aren’t aware of:

Top 5 Cat-Friendly Dogs

Top 5 Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds
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As kids, we’ve always been exposed to cartoons that show cats and dogs fighting with each other. When I was younger, I really believed that this is an accurate portrayal of “how things are”. I almost got scared when I saw a dog and a cat in the same room together!

That’s why I always find it adorable to see dogs and cats being chummy with each other, and after reading this article (link is after our comments), the myth that was ingrained in my brain for so long has officially been busted.

If you really want to adopt both animals, it is a good idea to choose certain breeds. There are some breeds of dogs that are less cat-friendly than the others. In the article we link to, there are 5 breeds of dogs that will more easily get along with cats.

You can get both animals to like each other by helping them socialize with each other better. Cats are usually inclined to run away and dogs are usually inclined to chase. If these two animals are not used to each other (and you don’t know what to do), you may have a hard time.

Try to do a desensitization technique by first keeping your cat in its carrier and place it on a corner of a room. Keep the dog on its leash and lead him on his bed on the other side of the room. Feed him treats when he’s being calm and block him if he makes a move on the cat. Do this session for 10-20 minutes every night for 3-10 days. Once you feel that they are relaxed around each other, have someone take the cat out of the carrier. Continue to be with the dog at this time. Make sure that he is calm. It’s always best if the cat chooses to approach the dog. This process may take some time, so don’t try to force them if they aren’t ready yet.

Of course, if it’s your first time to do this, it’s best to seek an expert for advice on the best way to handle your pets. Every case is different. So as always, exercise patience if you want to maintain a peaceful environment.

Ok, check out the list below for the top 5 cat-friendly dogs!