Dog Breeds 101: Doberman Pinscher

Originating from Germany, the Doberman Pinscher has now become an extremely common pet across the world. They were originally trained to be police and guard dogs, but eventually they found their place as household pets. It cannot be denied that the Pinscher has become one of the most popular dog breeds primarily because of their distinctive look and their devotion to their owners. [1] There are many theories as to how the breed was developed but not any one of them can be proven.

Pinschers are known to be obedient, watchful, fearless, and energetic. These dogs are extremely devoted to their families and are willing to risk their lives for a friend. [2]

Dobermans are large dogs known for their athletic build, swiftness, and endurance. The ideal height for this breed is 27.5 inches. There is no standard weight for Dobermans. However, they must have a sufficient amount weight in order to optimize their agility, endurance, and strength. [3]

What probably attracts people to adopting a Doberman are the traits they possess. Pinschers are known to be alert and intelligent, while making loyal partners. [1]

The Pinscher is a breed of dog that needs constant leadership and human interaction. They are easy to train, tolerant, keen and dedicated. They have incredible stamina and endurance, while also being highly adaptable and versatile.

However, this dog needs an owner who makes their authority known. Owners and other members of the family must be consistent, confident, and firm in setting the rules and following them. When handled improperly, Dobermans can become stubborn, especially when they are allowed to get what they want too often. [1]

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