Dog Breeds 101: Boxer

The Boxer is a special breed of dog that looks fierce and tough but is actually extremely kind and adorable. Boxers are originally from Germany and are medium-sized and short-haired. This dog’s strong jaws were originally bred in order for being able to cling on to fleeing game. The Boxer’s job was to keep the game from getting away until the hunter arrived to kill the animal. [1] It is for this reason that Boxers have very muscular bodies. They are fairly-priced and noted for their obedience, tenacity, and strength. [2]

Provided that this dog gets adequate exercise, it can live happily in an apartment. They can also get along with the whole family, including kids and other pets. Despite their size, they consider themselves to be lap dogs and will want to be near you as much as possible. They are referred to as the “Peter Pan” of dog breeds because of their playfulness and boundless energy. They are also graceful, exuberant, and high-spirited.

Boxers are known to be fearless, intelligent, and friendly. They are famous for their love, devotion and loyalty. However, using harsh or abusive training methods may cause them to become stubborn, willful, and headstrong. Although they can be slightly weary of strangers, they will never hurt them unless they sense their family is in immediate danger. [3]

What’s even more surprising about this dog is its behavior. When they are excited, they do the “kidney dance,” where they twist their bodies to form a curved shape that resembles a kidney bean. [4]

It is important to note that because this dog has a short coat, they get cold easily during winter. Furthermore, their smushed noses and undershot jaws make them prone to overheating in the extreme heat. [5]

In addition to being lap dogs, Boxers can be stellar watch dogs. In fact, with their strength and courage, they perform a variety of functions in the military and police forces. In addition to their impressive guarding instincts, Boxers are also renowned for their search-and-rescue abilities. They are known for their excellence in schutzhund (German for “protection dog” – a dog sport), agility and obedience.

Research shows that the Boxer can live up to 14 years. Like other canine breeds, they need sufficient exercise, human interaction, and activity in order to remain healthy and happy. In 2012, the American Kennel Club named the Boxer as the seventh most popular breed of dog in the US.

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