Cute Husky Puppies First Time Howling And Barking

This video features Husky puppies belting out their first howl for the first time. They are just so cute! Siberian Huskies are known to be one of the most ‘talkative’ breeds, meaning they love to howl and bark. Sometimes, they love it too much and they might cause their owners trouble from neighbors.

If you own a Husky and you’re worried that it is howling too much, you can either take care of the matter yourself or seek professional help from a dog trainer. If you decide to take the matter into your own hands, remember that you should always remain patient and diligent with your dog.

You can increase your dog’s time for exercise to help prevent huge bouts of howling from happening. This breed is known to be very active and it is ideal to have them go outside, run and play for at least an hour. When it gets home, the dog will be tired but happy because it got its needed exercise. Also, when a Husky starts howling, this can also mean that it is needing more attention or interaction with its owner. If you think your Husky is too noisy, provide it with more attention and assure it of your love.

However, if the howling still continues then it is time to call for professional help.

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