Crying Rottweiler Grieves For Dead Brother

This video features Brutus, a Rottweiler who is completely torn up about his brother’s death. One morning, Brutus woke up and found his twin Hank dead. He passed away during the night in his sleep and this caused incredible sadness to Brutus.

Dogs experience grief as deeply as humans do but scientists are not certain if they are able to understand death. It does seem however that they do experience the sense of loss and grief. One thing is for sure; some dogs become extremely depressed after a companion dies. A grieving dog may lose its appetite, become disinterested in its favorite activities and start to sleep excessively. Here are some tips to help a mourning dog:

1. Give your dog as much attention and affection as possible. Help him take his mind off the loss by giving him his favorite toys and treats or engaging him in his favorite activities.

2. Keep your routines as similar as possible and remember to be patient. Every dog is different and sometimes, your pooch won’t immediately respond positively to all of the extra attention he is getting. Give it time.

3. Don’t get another dog immediately after the death of his companion. Some dogs can’t handle a lot of changes in their environment and adjusting to a new pet may just add to his stress.

4. After experiencing a loss of a loved one (and pets), people sometimes distance themselves from their family, friends as well as their pets. Don’t be this person and be a responsible owner.

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