Dog Breeds 101: Cesky Terrier

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The Cesky Terrier was developed as a hunting breed in the Czech Republic in 1949. Also known as the Bohemian Terrier, this is long-bodied dog with short legs. Its coat is long, falling heavily around the legs, under the stomach, around the eyes and along the bottom of the head. The coat usually comes in two colors – blue-gray and light coffee brown. The average height of the breed is 10 to 13 inches, usually weighing anywhere between 16 to 22 pounds. [1]

A Czech dog breeder named František Horák is credited in creating the breed. In 1948, he crossed the Sealyham Terrier and Scottish Terrier aiming to create a dog suitable for hunting in the forests of Bohemia. For many years, Horák worked as research assistant in the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences and used his knowledge gained there in his dog breeding. Czechoslovakia was ruled by a communist regime at that time. [2]

Horák’s Cesky Terriers were becoming more and more popular and he found himself being contacted by interested buyers from all over the world. But those letters caused him problems because on one occasion, the Secret Police knocked at his dog demanding to know what he was involved in since he was always receiving suspicious letters from abroad. Eventually, the Communist control was removed from the country and the opening of the borders gave the breed a chance to be known outside the country’s borders. [3]

The Cesky is considered to be mellower than its terrier cousins and only needs moderate amounts of exercise. This loving and devoted dog is an excellent competitor in agility, obedience and tracking trials. Due to its affectionate nature, the Cesky is also an effective therapy dog. It is loyal and loving to its family and friendly towards other dogs and children. [4]

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