2 Adopted Foxes And The ‘Stepmom’ Dog

This is a video of two adopted foxes and their Akita Inu adoptive mother. These fox cubs were very frisky and were always running and playing around the yard. Good thing their ‘mom’ has a lot of patience. The three look very precious. According to the uploader, the foxes went back to the wild once they were already capable of surviving on their own.

One of the reason why we love dogs so much is because they are very generous in giving love to people and even to other animals of different species. Dogs are generally friendly and are naturally accepting. They are just up for anything!

Scientists believe that most adoption among animals is due to their feelings of empathy towards others. While some may argue that dogs are incapable of feeling such sentiment, a study has found out that all mammals have the same brain structures related to emotions. Which means that they are complex, thinking and empathetic beings. But it is important to not go overboard with this claim.

If you put all the science aside though, interspecies adoption makes you realize how all-encompassing maternal love really is.

2 Adopted Foxes And The 'Stepmom' Dogimage © http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcn5haJpKAQ

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