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King Charles Spaniels are a breed of small dogs that are believed to have originated from England. However, there are claims that the breed initially came as a royal gift to England from Japan. Some further believed that the breed shares a common ancestry with the Japanese Chin and the Pekingese. Today, these dogs are also popularly known as the English Toy Spaniel, Charlies, Toy Spaniel, Ruby Spaniel, Blenheim Spaniel, and Prince Charles Spaniel.

In the past, these dogs were the favorite of Mary Queen of Scots. Almost all dogs of this breed came in tan and black colors until the reign of King Charles II, who is considered as the most noted patron of the breed. Since his reign, dogs of this breed started appearing in a variety of colors. [1]

The King Charles Spaniel is a square-bodied breed of dog that usually endears fanciers with its amazing and merry personality. Today, the breed is divided into four categories based on their colors, which include Prince Charles (white with tan and black markings), ruby (rich mahogany red), King Charles (tan and black), and Blenheim (white and rich mahogany red). It is worth noting that dogs belonging to the Prince and King Charles categories have longer coats compared to the other variants. In fact, they usually have profusely flowing silky coats.

Dogs of this breed usually possess an appealing appearance. In addition to their well-cushioned face, they also have lustrous pair of dark eyes. They usually weigh between 8 and 14 pounds. [2]

Given their modest size, it is not surprising that these dogs make wonderful companions at home. In fact, they may do well in apartments, even with children around! The King Charles Spaniel breed is well behaved in nature. They are usually playful, loving, and affectionate dogs. They are also noted to be intelligent ones. [3]

The English Toy Spaniels are widely considered as excellent lap dogs. They are usually quiet, amiable, calm, and gentle dogs. However, they can become stubborn dogs at times. In terms of loyalty, these dogs can be very devoted to their owners, but somewhat reserved towards strangers. On the other hand, they can be very friendly towards dogs, and other animals, in general.

King Charles Spaniels are loved by many because of their sweet and entertaining nature. The notable friendliness of this breed makes it unsuitable as a watch or guard dog. However, they may still begin barking to alert their owners.

It would be nice to spend some time playing with your pets, but the King Charles Spaniel does not suit this kind of physical activity because they are not overly active dogs. In fact, they only require minimal effort from their owners when it comes to physical activity. It is worth noting that the breed does not like being left outdoors on warm days for an extended period of time because they cannot tolerate being exposed to heat.

Compared to other long hair breeds, the coats of the King Charles Spaniel dogs are relatively easy to groom. Brushing and combing at least twice a week is suggested.

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