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Also known as the Caniche or Barbone, the Poodle is a breed recognized for its dense and curly fur. The exact origin of the Poodle is unknown, but illustrations of this dog can be found on Roman tombs dating as far back as 30 A.D. The clipped Poodle, on the other hand, is documented as early as 1454 in Dutch, Italian and French paintings. [1]

Poodles are divided into four categories based on their size: Standard (aka. Grande), Medium (aka. Moyen), Miniature (aka. Dwarf), and Toy.

This breed is best distinguished by its well-proportioned and square build. They also have very dark and oval-shaped eyes. The Poodle’s dense and extremely curly fur can be found in a variety colors such as black, blue, white, apricot, brown, gray, etc. [2]

Today, the Poodle tends to bring to mind luxury and leisure. Yet, it should not be overlooked that the Poodle is capable of hard-work. In fact, they were once used as hunting dogs and water retrievers. Poodles are said to be quick to learn and slow to forget. [3]

The overall appearance of the Poodle makes this dog stand out from the crowd. These dogs are known for being decorated in fancy outfits, sporting impressive and extravagant “hairdos” (such as the well-known “lion cut”) and flaunting colorful ribbons with pride and elegance. Although such extraordinary pampering is not required, regular grooming will always be necessary.

In addition to their beautiful and sophisticated appearance, Poodles are intelligent. Perhaps it is for this reason that these dogs are easily bored. Such a tendency requires owners to provide their dog with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation.

Poodles are more likely than other dogs to die of cancer. On average, this dog will live 11.5 to 12 years; however, the Toy Poodle can live to see its twenties.


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