How To Make A DIY Self Filling Water Bowl For Your Dog (Amazing!)

This video by CrazyRussianHacker is probably one of the most ingenious videos out there! As a dog owner, you tend to think about your dog’s welfare and needs, especially when you’re out of the house. This DIY self-filling water bowl works best to help you with that cause. You won’t have to worry so much about your dog’s water because this can help supply its needs for longer periods of time – up to six hours.

Water is of critical importance for dogs, especially during the summertime when temperatures rise higher than the usual. Being able to provide a self-filling water bowl will not only benefit your dog but it can also help you save time and effort in the long run. This self-filling water bowl might even save dogs’ lives.

The video showcases a step by step process wherein the utilized materials are very easy to find – and so cheap! Basically, you will only need one piece of 2×4, a square shaped wooden base that will serve as the bottom part (make sure the bowl fits on top of this, also you might want to paint it so that it doesn’t get moldy over time), Velcro, a water bottle, nails, and the actual water bowl of your dog. First off, you need to measure the height of the water bottle in relation to the water bowl. Mark this on the 2×4 so that you will know the actual height of the wood needed then cut off the extra part. Nail or screw the wood to the wooden base. You then have to place the Velcro on the plywood, and then put the other side of the Velcro on the water bottle. These will serve as the connecting parts for the vertically positioned items.

Fill the bottle with water and also fill the bowl with water. Position your dog’s water bowl on top of the base. Turn the bottle upside down and stick it to the plywood. After you put them all together, you will notice that the water on the bottle will not flow down because of the pressure from the water on the bowl. Water will only flow down from the bottle once the level of water on the bowl lowers down. This means that as your dog drinks water from the bowl, the water from the bottle will fill the bowl up again.

This innovative water bowl for your dog may serve very beneficial for your dog. Just keep in mind that you should place it in an area with proper room temperature – and out of the sun. You would never want your dog to drink very warm water coming out of a water bottle that has been in the sun.

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