How To Raise A Well-Behaved Puppy! (MUST-SEE)

Raising a well-behaved puppy is both an entertaining and a difficult task. The dog trainer in this video shows us how to raise a well-behaved puppy. He highlights that the method is as important as the attitude we have when training the dog.

The most important tool in training a dog is the relationship between the trainer / owner and the dog. This relationship is built up over time as you train or even just when you spend time with your dog. You must also understand that just like everybody else, your puppy has his needs. A dog has to be taught what to do and not be punished for making a mistake. Rewarding him with a food treat is also a must especially when he does the right thing.

The second most important tool is the leash. Having your dog on a leash will help in properly supervising your dog. This helps in preventing your dog to make accidents or mistakes like chewing your furniture, house training accidents, destroying belongings, etc.

As a trainer, it’s also our responsibility to have fun while training. In this way, the dog will be enjoying his time doing the training with you because it’s a positive and fun thing to do.

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