How To Start Training Your Puppy

The learning of the puppy starts the moment you bring him into your house. Training of a new puppy requires a lot of work and time matters, especially when you want to teach how the dog should behave the entire day.

In this video, the dog trainer highlights that the most effective method is through positive reinforcement. A dog’s food or kibble as a reward is a good motivator for your training sessions.

Introduce clicker training to your dog. The click is the signal you give to him to show that he is doing the right thing. This makes the learning of the dog fast and effective. However, the dog trainer suggests to limit the use of clickers to more formal training sessions like meal training. You can click once and give food to signify that it’s mealtime. If he does this right, click one time and reward him. Do this several times until the dog understands that you’re giving him food. Remember to only signify calm and positive behaviors. You can use clickers when you teach the dog how to sit, how to lie down, and make eye contact.

According to the dog trainer, the most important behavior you should teach is how to sit. Keep your sessions short at least 10 minutes. It’s recommended that you don’t use verbal cues for the first few sessions. Gradually introduce the verbal cues after clickers and rewards. Develop creative reinforcement such as short playing sessions. In this way, the training can be more fun for the dog and learning is more effective.

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