How To Teach Your Dog The Kiss Trick

Do you want your dog to give you a peck on the cheek? This video will teach you how to train your dog to give a kiss. It is actually an easy trick that needs a little bit of concentration and patience. Giving kisses on command is a favorite trick by many people including children.

In the video, professional pet trainer Kristin Crestejo explains the step-by-step instructions on how your dog can learn the kiss trick. According to her, all you need are a piece of masking tape, some treats, and a clicker.

You can start the training session by teaching your dog to kiss your hand. With treats ready, place a piece of tape on your hand and put it near his face. As soon as your dog touché the tape, you need to click and reward.

Repeat the previous steps until your dog masters the initial part of the trick. Move your hand farther away from the dog and instruct him to kiss the tape. Do not move your hand toward the dog and wait for him to approach the piece of paper and kiss it. In this part, you can add the verbal cue “Kiss”. Again, you need to ensure that your dog can do the trick 100% before proceeding to the “real kiss” stage.

Put the tape on your cheek and then give the cue phrase “kiss”. You need to lean toward your dog and let him do the rest. Practice this part for a few minutes until your dog is comfortable with the trick. You can now remove the tape from your cheek to continue the training session. This time, your dog will give you a real peck on your cheek.

A clicker is important in this training session. It can be used to mark the behavior of your dog. Every time your dog kisses you, just click the treat. Besides giving treats, praising the dog is imperative. Constant repetition will result in a dog trained to offer a kiss on demand. This is all done by capturing your dog’s natural behaviors.

Some dogs may give wet sloppy kisses. So this trick is not advisable for other people who may find it uncomfortable to receive sloppy kisses. The safest kiss your dog can give is probably a kiss on the hand.

How To Teach Your Dog The Kiss Trick
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