How To Teach Your Dog The “Where’s Your Bum” Trick

This video features a series of tricks that your dog needs to know before they learn to determine exactly where his butt is. It is divided into four components, which include teaching the dog to stretch back, instructing him to bow in opposite direction, ordering the canine to do the half spin, and enabling him the to learn the “look at me cue”. Once your dog has mastered these tricks, you can use all of them to ask your dog “where’s your bum?”.

The tricks all require positive reinforcement so intimidation and reprimand are a big NO. Treats are an important tool in teaching these tricks. Be sure you have lots of them. Clicking is used with verbal cues to instruct your dog to do a trick.

First, you need to teach your dog the bow trick. This activity is done by having a treat in your hand and reaching towards the dog on the ground. Click and give him a treat if he succeeds stretching his body back. The cue “bow” enters when the dog gets the hang of the trick. To keep your dog in a bow position for a longer time, click continuously.

Second, your dog must learn how to bow in opposite direction. You can start this trick by positioning yourself beside the dog and asking him to bow. If he manages to do it, give him a treat. Repeat this trick until you are almost at the dog’s rear.

Third, try asking your dog to bow by having him in front of you. You must gently hold his waist and ask for a bow. Your dog must be comfortable with this trick so he can perform it easily. If he is not, then discontinue it.

Fourth, your pet must be instructed to do the half spin. This can be achieved by luring your dog in a clockwise position. The half spin is done by saying STOP when your dog gets to your 12 o’clock. Put your hand out to prevent the dog from doing a full spin.

The last component of this tutorial is the “look at me” cue. You must sit closer to the dog so he can learn this command quickly. If he responds to your command, click and reward. Once he has learned looking in front of you, proceed to give the verbal cue with his bum facing you.

The cue “where’s your bum” is integrated after your dog learns all the tricks previously discussed. In a nutshell, the “where’s your bum” trick requires giving the cue spin, stopping your dog to do a full spin, giving the cue bow, and then asking your dog to look at you.

How To Teach Your Dog The Where's Your Bum Trick
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