How To Teach Your Dog To Speak And Sing On Command

Is it possible for your dog to speak, sing, howl, and talk on command? If it sounds unbelievable, just watch the video which offers a guide on how to teach your dog these behaviors.

According to the video, the first things you need are tiny little treats when conducting the training with your dog. There are several ways you can go about to teach your dog to speak. While other people use the door knocking method to trigger their dogs to bark or make noise, the dog owner in the video teases her dog until she makes noise.

First, the dog owner dangles the treat up in front of her face to excite the canine. Then she commands the dog to sit and speak. When the dog makes a little noise, the owner gives her dog a treat.

It is important to reward the dog whenever she makes a little noise because he will eventually figure out that it is your end goal. This part of the training requires several repetitions until your dog masters the desired behavior.

The next segment of the training teaches another dog how to sing. This trick is ideal for dogs who are naturally more vocal. In the video, the owner uses an older dog because some dogs take a longer time to learn this trick. The dog in the video already knows how to make noise on command. You can use a harmonica to make a sound that your dog can mimic. Once your dog has successfully replicated the harmonica’s sound, he will eventually learn to produce this kind of sound equates with singing.

If your dog tends to bark instead of howl, just ignore the barking and reward your dog. You can easily teach your dog to sing if he already knows how to speak or bark. Your dog’s natural howl should be marked as “sing”. The “quiet” command is needed to get your dog to stop howling.

The most important aspect of this activity is fun. But patience is also needed since some dogs are slow learners while others can adapt to instructions easily.

How To Teach Your Dog To Speak And Sing On Command
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