How To Train A Dog To “Climb”

In this video, instructions are offered on how to train a dog to climb on a low platform or table. You need an object that is obviously different from the surrounding floor to conduct this session. This object must be a little elevated to make it little easier for the dog. According to the video, this trick is useful for grooming, vet visits, and getting in the car.

When you are luring your dog, make sure you and your dog are near the climb table or platform. With the treats in your hands, you’re going to look, step and point and reward the dog once your dog is all four feet on the platform. Then, release your dog from the platform by saying the “free” command.

Repeat the previous steps until your dog masters the trick. Rewarding only comes when your dog is on the platform. The “free” command should be done before your dog has the chance to step off from the elevated space. If your dog seems confused with the platform, you may have to go back to step one of the climb command (leading on with treat) for a few repetitions.

The next phase of the training requires lengthening the duration when your dog is on the table and when you say “free”. If your dog sets off from the table before you say “free”, you need to lure him back to the platform with the treat and say “free”.

If you are planning to increase the duration of your dog on the table, start rewarding only when you say free. Praising is important whenever your dog successfully climbs on the platform and sets off from it. If your dog repeatedly attempts to disembark from the table before the “free’ command, you can shorten his time on it.

Climbing on a platform is one of the essential commands you can teach your dog. This trick is one of the obedience commands your dog can learn that include sit, come, down, leave it, and stay. The climb trick is important especially in emergency situations such flooding.

How To Train A Dog To Climb
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