How To Teach Your Dog To Walk On Leash

It is important to set time aside to have your dog walk on a leash. He will then be ready for other physical activities and trainings.

This activity may be extra difficult especially when you’re at the park walking him. There will be a lot of distractions and you want to get the dog’s attention and focus on walking him on a leash. There must be eye contact between you and the dog. Motivate the dog to walk without giving much attention or pulling the leash. Give reward for every small step the dog does. Consistently do this and after several sessions, you may lessen giving him rewards or not give him at all since he’s already used to walking with you.

Distractions will always be present, especially when you’re outside walking the dog on leash. It’s okay that the dog acknowledges distractions like the presence of a bird. However, you should also be quick to get his attention back to you after – and reward him for his renewed focus.

A big challenge will be the presence of another dog walking in the park. The dog will typically start to pull the leash towards the other dog, perhaps pulling very hard! You can get the dog’s attention back to you by asking him to sit and giving a reward. If this doesn’t work, then start by moving a few feet away from the other dog. Gradually move closer to the other dog while asking him to sit and have his focus on you. You can lure him by giving food. Show the dog what you want them to do to set them up to be successful in this training.

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