How To Teach Your Puppy To Sit And Stay

One of the important behaviors that must be taught to new dogs is how to sit and stay. This is a chance for the owner and the dog to build their relationship. As the owner, this is the first step for you to teach your dog how to think.

In this video, celebrity dog trainer Zak George reminds us that using force in training a dog is unnecessary and in fact less effective. Train the dog bases on his pace. Break tasks into small steps and repeat them consistently until the dog gets used to it.

Use a food treat to somehow lure the dog to position himself to sit as shown in the video. For most dogs, especially the young ones, they are not used to following a lure or a food treat. Therefore you must gradually do this step. Gradually introduce the cue “sit” and increase the time he sits before rewarding him. Eye contact is also an important factor in this exercise.

The next step is to teach the dog to stay. The same with teaching the dog to sit, do this step according to the dog’s pace. Do it slowly and consistently until the dog gets it. Introduce the cue “stay” and gradually increase the time the dog will be staying. Don’t overwhelm the dog with fast training.

Combine the steps and accelerate the training by using distractions. Make the training fun and enjoyable for the dog in order to prevent the training feel a little bit stressful for him.

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