Huge Saint Bernard Dog Being Needy

The above video features Sully, a huge Saint Bernard who cannot contain his happiness upon seeing his human dad. The huge dog was very happy when his owner came home after a long day’s work and he just cannot help but pin down his owner on the bed. How can anyone refuse good cuddling anyway? What a sweet dog! This adorable video will surely melt your heart.

Want to own a sweet Saint Bernard like Sully? Here are some interesting facts about the Saint Bernard breed:

1. The Saint Bernard breed originated from the Swiss Alps as well as in Switzerland and North Italy.

2. They are working dogs but they were originally bred to become rescue dogs.

3. The name Saint Bernard was developed in honor of Bernard of Methon. He was a monk in the 11th century who is famous for establishing the Great St. Bernard Hospice and Great St. Bernard Pass. Saint Bernard of Methon is the patron Saint of mountaineers and skiers.

4. Currently, Saint Bernards’ are no longer bred for rescue purposes but they are now being trained to join in various dog sports, which include weight pulling and carting.

5. As shown in the video above, Saint Bernards are really patient, calm, loyal, affectionate and sweet with adults and children.

6. This breed loves the cold weather, thus, if you are living somewhere with tropical weather then you should not choose a Saint Bernard as your pet as they will suffer from the heat.

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