Impossibly Cute Husky Puppy: Wolfie Growing Up PT1

This video features an impossibly cute Husky puppy named Wolfie. Wolfie is such as a smart pup and it is evident in the video. He is very playful and energetic which can be expected in Husky puppies.

Huskies are truly beautiful. They have gorgeous faces, piercing eyes and thick soft coats that make them infinitely cuddly. However it is their good looks that often drive people to purchase them, unaware of their difficult traits, which makes many Siberian Huskies prime candidates for shelters. If you are thinking of purchasing a Siberian Husky, take a lot of time learning about the breed. Visit some Siberian Husky breeders or shelter dogs, read books or talk to other owners.

They are extremely difficult to train, so first-time dog owners or timid people should consider other breeds. They are also notorious for being escape artists. They jump over fences, break their chains, slip from their collars and dig themselves free before wandering away and disappearing. They are also very difficult to potty train and they shed A LOT. If you’re allergic to dog hair or you prefer your home to be immaculately clean this breed may not be for you.

When getting a dog, it is important to consider your lifestyle first. If you are not a very active person, Huskies are definitely not your best choice because they love to run – and ideally should run for at least an hour per day! But despite all of these challenges, Huskies are wonderful dogs! They are intelligent, independent and are affectionate with everyone.

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