Is Your Pet Obese? Surprising Facts About Weight Gain In Pets

Dog And Cat Obesity In The USA
Image – Petco

Here’s a fascinating report from Petco, who gave us permission to share their graphic and cover this important issue. Obesity in dogs and cats is on the rise, with over 50% of dogs in the USA being overweight. One of the reasons for this is the continual giving of treats over other forms of attention and interaction. Some pet treats on the market are incredibly high in calories.

It also stands to reason that, as humans have shifted to a more sedentary lifestyle (computers, television etc) then our animals have conformed to this, getting less exercise than they should.

“A substantial body of veterinary literature documents that obesity in dogs and cats increases the risk of a number of health problems, including arthritis and other joint diseases, diabetes mellitus, heart and lung disease, urinary disorders, reproductive disorders, cancer, skin disease and surgical and anesthetic complications. Additionally, research shows overweight dogs have a decreased quality of life, less vitality and shorter lives than their leaner counterparts.”

Here’s the full report from Petco, which includes more charts and facts to help you manage the weight of your pet:

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