The 5 Most Common Potty Training Mistakes

In this video, successful dog trainer Zak George teaches us the 5 most common potty training mistakes.

Mistake #1: Unrealistic Expectations.
The most common mistake that a lot of dog owners make is thinking that house training will only take 1-2 weeks of training. In reality, it can take several months to do this, with patience and consistency.

Mistake #2: Punishing Dog for Accidents.
Your dog was not born knowing the things they should or shouldn’t do. You have to understand that this is your responsibility. Show and teach them correct behavior from unwanted ones. If the dog poops in your living room, then don’t punish him. Clean the mess and do more with supervision and controlling the environment.

Mistake #3. Not Controlling Dog’s Environment.
House training is one of the serious behaviors you should be training your dog. Therefore, it’s also important that you have to control the environment he’s in. This means you have to limit the dog’s access to every area inside your house. Having him on a leash, setup a puppy-proof area, or put him in a crate.

Mistake #4: Expecting The Dog to Tell You When They Have to Go.
As you are building your relationship with your dog, you’ll be able to anticipate when the dog is going to do his thing. But at the start, it’s your responsibility to take the dog out at least every hour to do his thing until he gets used to it.

Mistake #5: Unnecessary Use of Potty Pads.
For most dogs, potty pads are unnecessary since you can just get them outside and do their thing. Unless you’ll be using the potty pads for very important and specific matters, but that will not be the case mostly.

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