Mauxie Wakes Up Happy

This video features Happy, a very tiny white puppy who is a Maltese Dachshund mix which makes him a “Mauxie”. This adorable puppy is shown being poked and tickled by his owner as he wakes up from his nap. At first, he doesn’t seem to respond and still looks very sleepy. After a while he slowly responds and reacts every time the owner tries to tickle his tummy. He starts to lick his owner’s hands and yawns every now and then which is very adorable to watch.

Do you want to know more about Mauxies? Read on for some interesting facts about this adorable breed.

1. The Mauxie, which is half Maltese and half Dachshund, is also known by the name Dachtese.

2. They are highly recognized as family dogs because they make really good indoor pets and watchdogs.

3. The coat of a Mauxie is usually black and cream with white paws. The coat can change colors as these dogs mature.

4. This breed can weigh about 5 to 7 pounds when fully grown if the cross is between a Maltese and Miniature Dachshund while it can weight from 12 to 15 pounds if the cross is between a Maltese and Standard Dachshund.

5. Mauxies are very affectionate, playful and energetic. They love to play outdoors and love to run around. They should be taken on daily walks to allow them to explore and socialize.

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