Rescuing A Homeless Senior Dog From A Water Treatment Facility

This video shows the rescue of a homeless senior dog which was living in a water treatment facility. You can see that the dog looked very scared and the rescuers had a hard time getting him. They tried luring him with pieces of cheeseburger but were not successful; the dog still ran every time someone went near. But the rescuers refused to give up on him and through their determination, they were finally able to leash him. On their way to the clinic, they decided to call him Mufasa.

Mufasa’s skin was in a bad shape and he had to take medicated baths. He was also treated for an ear infection and intestinal parasites. His condition improved rapidly and after a few days, Mufasa went from being a scared street dog to being a happy and contented one.

Mufasa is considered to be a senior dog. Senior dogs are often overlooked at rescues and shelters in favor of bouncy puppies and this is a shame because older dogs still have a lot of love left to give. They typically require less exercise, suffer from fewer behavioral issues and come to you already potty trained. For these reasons, senior dogs can be a particularly good choice for those adopting their first dog.

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