Sad Homeless Puppy Transformed

The video features the transformation of “Krusty Kristy”, a homeless dog covered in mange. She was scheduled to be put down because she was so sick but luckily, Vet Ranch was able to rescue her just in time.

After her first bath she looked very cozy as she lay under her towel. She must have been really thankful for that bath! After eight weeks under the care of her rescuers, she looks completely different. There are no traces of mange on her skin and she now has a shiny black coat. Kristy looks beautiful and she’s very energetic! No one would think that she used to be a sickly, mangy pup.

Euthanizing animals in shelters is a common practice. Illness (just like in Kristy’s case), aggression and overpopulation are the three major reasons why animals are put down in shelters.

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