You Shall Not Pass, Dog

Dogs can face down cars, burglars, and even large animals in order to protect their humans or their territory but there is one obstacle that continues to confuse them: cats. In this hilarious video, these dogs seem to be visibly shaken at the sight of their feline counterparts.

Who knew that a cat is capable of stopping a dog dead in its tracks no matter how badly it wants to pass? If a cat happens to sit on the stairs, in a narrow hallway or in a doorway, all hope is lost. The dogs’ reaction upon seeing the cats are just so funny! The dogs could only look at their owners with sad eyes as if asking them to come to the rescue. The pain etched across the dogs’ face in the video is totally heart-wrenching. Poor dogs! You’d think that dogs would be the dominant pets in a household but nope, in these homes the cats are the bosses.

However, this is not always the case. Most of the time, dogs are the dominant creatures and cats are left with no choice but run or hide in their presence. The fearful behavior that the dogs displayed in the video has something to do with the lack of socialization. Also, dogs read body language and if the cat is giving off a “leave me alone” or “I’m going to hurt you” signal, then it would be normal for the dog to steer clear and avoid any confrontation that might occur.

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