Singing Whippets

This video features Max and Jake, two Whippets who are showing off their impressive vocal skills. They are so precious!

Whippets are considered to be the fastest domesticated breed of their weight (medium size) – they can reach the speed of 35 miles per hour! They chase almost anything which is why they need to be on leash outdoors – to prevent them from taking off like a rocket in pursuit of whatever small creature happens to have been seen by them. They are nicknamed “the poor man’s Greyhound‘. Back then Greyhounds were elegant dogs and only the elite had access to them. Those who were not able to afford Greyhounds, settled for Whippets instead. Whippets quickly became popular among the working class because of their speed and their abilities in hunting.

At home, Whippets are friendly, gentle, sensitive and undemanding. There are two things that make them very happy: first is to run and second is to sleep. After brief periods of exercise, they spend a great time resting and taking naps. Most of the time, they are quiet – making them ineffective at guarding houses. They are friendly towards strangers and some Whippets don’t bark at all! They can sometimes appear timid and “emotional” – and have gorgeous “soulful” eyes. Whippets have short fur and have very little body fat which means they easily get cold – they need sweaters and coats once cold weather sets in.

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