Tebow’s Trying To Walk And Getting Feisty

Meet Tebow, a three-week old English Bulldog learning how to walk. You can’t help but smile while watching this video, Tebow is just too adorable!

There are many kinds of bulldogs but the most popular are the English Bulldog, French Bulldog and the American Bulldog. They all descended from ancient mastiff-type dogs which were bred exclusively in England hundreds of years ago. The fierce dogs were used in a barbaric old-time practice called bull baiting, which involved the dog grabbing onto the bull’s nose and roughly shaking it. Hence, the name ‘bull’ dog.

The early Bulldogs were taller and heavier than today’s Bulldog because they were bred to be especially adept at this bloody sport. Their wide mouths and powerful jaws made it impossible for the bull to shake them off; their short, flat nose enabled them to breathe while holding onto the bull’s snout; even the wrinkles on their faces are said to have had a purpose: to direct the blood that resulted from their grip on the bull to flow away from their eyes so they wouldn’t be blinded.

After this terrible pursuit got banned, the bulldogs became household pets.

The first and most obvious difference between the three types of bulldogs is the country of their origin. Second is their size. The French bulldogs or ‘Frenchies’ are the smallest of the three; English bulldogs are medium-sized and American bulldogs are the largest. The last difference is their nature. Frenchies are great lap dogs and excellent companions; English bulldogs which are considered to be the classic bulldog, like to lounge around and sleep indoors and the American bulldogs are very active and athletic. American bulldogs are so active that they are sometimes used by their owners for hunting animals like squirrels, wild boars or even bears! But despite the differences, all bulldogs are sociable, sweet and easygoing.

Tebow's Trying To Walk And Getting Feistyimage © http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvRQZkCQSRY

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