This Pitbull Hates Baths

The video above shows a Pitbull named Boomer who hates taking a bath. When the owner calls on Boomer and asks if he wants to go outside, Boomer went out of his room and was eager to go outside. However, when the owner asks Boomer if he wants to take a bath, he hurriedly went back inside his room. The owner tried to convince Boomer twice but she failed. Indeed, Boomer the Pitbull hates bath time!

However, if you own a pitbull make sure to insist because bath time is important. Pitbulls have short fur with relatively average shedding, and they’re protected by natural oils that accumulate over time to coat and protect their fur and skin. While you can bathe your dog as often as necessary, with this breed it shouldn’t be more than once a month.

There are three types of Pit bull dogs, namely the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. They were originally bred as fighting dogs, however, currently, they are used as companion dogs, therapy dogs or police dogs.

Pit bulls have very powerful jaws and owing to injuries caused by bites, there have been several research studies conducted on this breed. Most of them show that Pit Bull bites are serious because this breed has a tendency to bite deeply and grind their molars onto the tissue of the person or animal that they are biting.

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