VIDEO: How To Train A Puppy To Sit And Stay

No doubt you will be pretty excited when an adorable puppy has already landed in your arms! After having accomplished a thorough homework on the basics and acquired all the essential dog supplies for the arrival of your own puppy, I guess no one can actually blame you for being in high spirits.

But although there is plenty of fun to be had, there is some serious stuff to do as well after picking up a dog: Training!

Training your dog how to sit, lie down, and stay provides the groundwork of the lifetime partnership you intend to establish with your dog. It is one of the most fundamental areas in owning a dog that will definitely assure you your dog won’t be jumping suddenly on people, or messing around while you are busy chitchatting on the streets, or going feverishly up or down the stairs. A puppy, like a toddler, can learn a variety of things, especially when teaching is structured in a fun and playful fashion. Obedience training, or training a dog to understand and obey commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come,” should be executed in short yet frequent sessions to prevent your dog from becoming bored and out of focus.

There are just three key ingredients in training a pup to sit and stay: praise and reinforcement, practice, and a relationship anchored on trust and friendship – oh, you may want to add a great deal of patience to that list too (it helps!). Through a simple 4-minute video from HowdiniGuru, Kathy Santo, a professional dog trainer, guides us through the process of teaching the three basic obedience training commands to our dogs: Sit, lie down, and stay.

She also includes a brief discussion on nutrition and its role in puppy training. As Kathy points out, a balanced diet consisting of high-quality, nutritious food leads to a healthy puppy with more predictable and balanced behavior and that is easy to train.

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Do you want the easiest, fastest way to an obedient dog? Watch this video:

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